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Misc Tank Components

Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators distributes a variety of aftermarket components to improve the performance and monitoring capabilities associated with your installed pressure vessel or storage tank. Our trained engineers will help you select from the following options:

Sight Glass / Light Glass

  • Allows for the illumination and observation of tank contents
  • Available in diameters up to 8”
  • Also available in rectangular configurations up to 12” in length

Steady Bearings

  • Stabilizes the lower end of the mixing shaft or agitator
  • 1-piece configuration
  • 2-piece or split bearing configuration

Add Pots

  • Pressurized Style, with and without valves.
  • Non-Pressurized or Atmospheric Style

Specialized Access Platforms

  • Sold in coordination with our custom fabricated tank designs
  • Custom built to site and application requirements

*** Please Note: Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators does not quote, distribute or install access platforms as stand-alone structural elements ***