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Half Oval Coil Jackets

Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators fabricates Half-Oval (120 Degree) External Jackets in 304SS, 316SS, RA2205, and other metals as required. While Imperial Steel Tank Company also fabricates 180 degree Half-Pipe and full immersion jackets, the 120 degree Half-Oval offers superior heat transfer area as well as better flow / turbulence for heating and cooling media in boiler pressure vessels.

  • 120 Degree Half Oval Jackets
  • Superior heat transfer for heating and cooling in boiler pressure vessels
  • "Dog House" Design offers great flexibility and resistance to thermal and mechanical stress

Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators Patented spherical corner configuration for Half-Oval jacketing on bottom heads provides improved resistance to thermal stress cracking and associated problems of boiler and pressure vessels. Media inlets and outlets on the Half-Oval jacket utilize our proprietary “Dog House” design. This design offers great flexibility in mating the plant piping as well as extraordinary resistance to thermal and mechanical stress.

The 120 degree Half-Oval Coil Jacket can optimize heat transfer and minimize pressure drop through split and / or duplex zoning, and still not result in excessive inlets and outlets. There is a limited amount of heat transfer square footage available on a given vessel, and Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators will work with you to optimize performance across the available area.

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