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Field Installation And Repair

storage tank field installation and repairAll tanks will eventually require maintenance. Some will need minor repairs while others will need more extensive alterations or reconstruction. To be assured that your tanks are in compliance with the latest federal, state, local and industry environmental regulations and codes, Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators experienced workforce are qualified to bring your tank into compliance.

To suit operational needs, inspections can be performed while the tanks are either in service or out-of-service, subject to applicable OSHA and facility health and safety regulations. After the inspections are completed, a written inspection report is furnished which includes a detailed component evaluation, photographs, recommendations for compliance and cost estimates, typical repairs and alterations may include the following:

  • Shell, roof and bottom repairs or replacements
  • Roof structural repairs or replacements
  • Nozzle and manway additions, repairs, relocations or replacements
  • Repair of defective welds
  • Double bottoms
  • Secondary containments
  • Cut-down, move and re-erect
  • Demolition and removal
  • ASME Re-certification

Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators has the experienced staff, engineering, fabrication, and erection capabilities to handle any maintenance requirements, which may be necessary to bring tanks into acceptable compliance. Call on us for help